OKOTO-SAN Set of 10

With two others not in set

1. O-koto-san at her morning toilet
2. O-koto-san receives a letter from her fiance at the war.
3. O-koto-san dresses to go visiting
4. O-koto-san takes a ricksha and starts out
5. O-koto-san arrives at her friends house
6. O-koto-san take tea with her friend O-hana-san
7. O-hana-san provides music for O-kota-san
8. O-koto-san returns home and chats to her maid while partaking of supper
9. While her maid makes ready her bed, O-koto-san indulges in a smoke, and thinks of her soldier lover
10. Good night
Musical Instruments

All these cards were posted individually in Kobe, Japan between July and November 1913.
The cards were made in monochrome, the colour being added by hand.